Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Turkish PM and President Endorse Tehran Coup

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Picture shows demonstrator shot by religious police in Tehran, Monday 15th June, 2009

The AKP and its liberal/liberal-left apologists in Turkey and the world, have claimed that it is a party of secular democracy and human rights opposed to theocratic regimes. The President of the Republic of Turkey, Abdullah Gül, and the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, phoned Mahmoud Ahmedi-Nejad to congratulate his on his ‘victory’ in Iran’s Presidential elections. Will we now, finally, see the end of the ‘liberal’ support for AKP. I think we know how liberal, democratic and secular anyone who supports AKP is now.

The world knows that the elections was theft and forgery of the most blatant and crude kind, so crude it is not so much rigging as a message from the ruling theocrats to the Iranian people that they have no democratic rights. Before the normal 3 day waiting period Ahmedi-Nejad was declared the winner of more than 60% of the votes with the highest number of votes ever in a presidential elections. The vote was declared to be in that proportion for the regime candidate in every part of Iran, including the home towns of the oppositions candidates, including Iranian Azerbaijan which is normally an area of low support for religious conservatives, and including the major cities which have been the centre of opposition.

Brave men and women are facing death in Tehran and Ian’s other cities as they protest against tyranny and electoral rigging. Ahmedi-Nejad sends the religious police to shoot down peaceful demonstrators and he is congratulated for his rigging of elections by the the ‘conservative democrats’ of the AKP.

Turkey is a secular democratic republic, the greatest example of secular democracy in the history of the Muslim world. The governing AKP has roots in radical Islamist politics but claims to be moderate, democratic and secular, they claim to be opposed to the system of the Islamic ‘Republic’ in Iran. They claim to be the most real secularists and democrats in Turkey. The democratic world is condemning this fraud and tyranny. Not Gül and Erdoğan.

Who can believe that Turkey’s secular republic is safe while they are in power?

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