Thursday, 27 August 2009

Link:Debating European Union.Hulsman & Kupchan

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Worldwise Transatlantic Pragmatism. John Hulsman and Charles Kupchan at

A moderate Euro-sceptic and a moderate Euro-integrationist engage in an admirably constructive dialogue on the problems and achievements of the European Union, from an American perspective. Topics include: varieties of right-wing Euro-scepticism in the UK and the USA; the EU and USA economic models; relation between public opinion and élites in the EU; the rise of new powers in the Third World (China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt); the less integrated role of NATO after the Cold War; the death of American led interventionism, whether peaceful liberal internationalism or armed neo-conservatism; the death of a global order defined by the USA or the EU; the political problems of the integrationist project in the EU, and the reasons.

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